XXII International Symposium on Morphological Sciences

12-16th February, 2012 - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Call for Abstracts Last Minute Abstract Submission: 11th-17th January

   The XXII International Symposium on Morphological Sciences welcomes the submission of abstracts from worldwide experts in Morphology. Only abstracts submitted through the online system will be accepted. Please, refer to the following instructions for online submission and download the detailed guidelines. If you have any further inquiries, please contact:

E-mail: ismsxxii@gmail.com or isms@mci-group.com

Tel: (55) (11) 3217-8281 or (55) (11) 3217-4353

Instructions for the Abstracts

1- Each paid registration allows submission of two abstracts 

2- The abstract must be submitted in English

3- The maximum number of authors per paper is 6 (six) 

4- Please ensure careful preparation, as the text is going to be copied directly into the submission system

5- The authors’ SURNAME must be in capital letters, followed by first name and initials

6- The name of the speaker-author must be followed by an asterisk (*)

7- The abstract:

  • must be laid out in terms of Introduction and Purpose, Materials and Methods, Results and Conclusion;
  • must have, at maximum, 450 words;
  • should include 3 key-words;
  • may contain grants acknowledgements;
  • should be related to one of the listed subjects.

8- Once submitted, the abstract can be edited or deleted until November 10th, 2011. After this deadline, no more changes will be allowed


Abstract Subjects 


 Macroscopic Human Anatomy

Macroscopic Animal Anatomy

Microscopic Human Anatomy

Microscopic Animal Anatomy

 Embryology, Development Biology and Evolution

Education in Morphology

History and Arts in Morphology

Terminology (Anatomical, Histological and Embryological)

 Anatomical Techniques

Body Donation  


Notice: For registrations with payment with bank billet, it is necessary 2 working days to confirm payment. For participants that will send an abstract, in order to submit it  until January, 17th, payments by bank billet will be accept only until January, 13th  and the participant will be able to submit the abstract only on Monday, January, 17th after confirmation of payment. After this date, the participant will be able to submit the abstract only with payment by credit card.


 Proceed to the Online Abstract Submission System

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